Allows hand to sit higher on the pistol closer to action and thus helping to mitigate recoil managment. Especially recommended for smaller framed pistols like a G26 fior example.

Trigger guard undercut and scallop cuts

SKU: Trigger Undercut
  • The undercut, The section at the frame makes a tangible differanced in how much more secure of a grip you get on the pistol. The scallop cut, is the curved part cut out from the bottom of the trigger guard. This small detail is more than just a cosmetic feature that gives it a custom look. It is a functional modification that further secures your purchase of the pistol.  This is one of my favorite details that allows the pistol to further feel like an extension of the hand.   Can be left smooth or stippled.  I recommend stippling as it adds an additional area where the hand will sit more securely without movement during recoil.

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